Effect of precision medicine in cancer treatment


Precision medicine is a medicinal icon that caters the concept of individualized healthcare. The therapy also includes medical verdict, performing surgeries and customized treatment for personalized patient’s cancer. In this treatment procedure diagnosis is done often on the best possible therapies and other types of cellular examination. The diagnostic instruments used in these therapies are scanning images, various molecular analysis and cellular diagnosis. Use of precision medicine in prostate cancer The Prostate cancer treatment is done after diagnosing various factors like:  The category of the cancer  If the cancer has got a metastasized (spread) effect or not.  The age of the patient  The condition of the health of the patient  Whether the patients have undergone any prostrate treatment earlier. Surgery is the most common form of treating prostate cancer. Other than that radiation therapy is also used to eliminate cancer cells from prostate glands. Apart from these, therapies like Cryoablation, High Intensity Focus Ultrasound therapy, Chemotherapy and Hormone Therapy are also opted for prostate cancer treatment. All the above therapies are effective but for a certain span of time. Some of the therapies also have treacherous side-effects which are very hazardous for the patients. Whereas, the precision medicine therapy is just the opposite as it gives an effective treatment with no side-effects. How precision medicine could be a lifesaver for kids with brain cancer? Years of research and experiments have found that the usage of precision medicine can have a sound effect on paediatric brain cancer treatment. The precision medicine concentrates on customizing cancer treatments by guiding it to the patient’s genital nature. The process primarily includes corresponding medicines to the tumor synopsis. In many experiments, it has been observed that the usage of precision medicine has acted as a catalyst for treating the cancer besides reducing the side-effects.