How the breast and liver cancer should be treated without surgeries and radiation therapy


The breast like other parts of the body contains thousands and thousands of cells. When the cells are affected by cancer they started growing abnormally leading to the birth of cancer. Breast cancer occurs commonly in women. Chemotherapies and radiation therapies are the most common process of treating breast cancer. But modern studies shows that intake of oral medicines prevent the spread of cancer besides elimination of the cancer cell. The drugs hold down the phosphorylation process that takes place among the cells of different tyrosine kinases associated with proteins like transmembrane of the cell exterior receptors. The medicines specially stop the alteration in the genes which produce a protein named as Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor. The composition of 250 mg of this tablet before or after intake of food is recommended. High or over usage of these drugs may increase the body toxins which may lead to fatal effect. Thus, ask your doctor before starting the course. According to some studies improper vaccination of hepatitis at the early stage can be one of the primary causes of liver cancer. The most common symptom of liver cancer is the swelling of the liver. Liver cancer medicine is opted when surgery does not work. The drugs act as a catalyst in arising of the extra blood vessel. Liver cancer medicine also used post surgery or chemotherapy for making the treatment procedure more effective. The medicine generally is a composition of 90 mg or 400 mg. The side effects include diarrhea, pimples, acne, dryness of the skin and skin irritation. In such cases, consult your doctor at the earliest.